Passive Income Strategies and Marketing Automation

One of the bigger topics that is often overlooked by people looking to generate passive income online is marketing automation. One of the beauties of taking your business to the internet is understanding how you can capture leads into a coherent CRM that segments users by interest into lists that can be automatically e-mailed via autoresponders. This is the beginning of your residual income. Start with residual marketing!

passive income marketing automationYes, that was a big sentence. I don’t expect you to understand exactly what that means (if you do great). I want to help you understand exactly what each section of marketing automation can do for your business and some of the thought processes that go behind creating a functional campaign for you business.

Developing Customer Persona’s

The first key to marketing automation is understanding WHO you are marketing to. Sounds basic, right? You’d be surprised how many online stores fail by just diving into using all the cool tools without realizing who they are really even marketing to. Break down who your best customers are into three basic persona’s to start off with.

Figure out who they are, what they do, what they like, where they live, what gender they are, what their family is like, where the shop, the type of clothes they wear… basically you need to be very well acquainted with the person your hunting… errr marketing to. : )

Create a Call to Action that Draws in Your Persona’s

Otherwise known as a CTA. A call to action must answer a question or fit a current top of mind desire that your persona wants. Once you’ve figured out your CTA you’ll need to develop a landing page with high quality content that drives them to this CTA.

Create Great Content

Simply, great content draws in your target market to take action. It compels them to move down your “funnel” into a conversion. You’ll need to be a great copywriter or higher someone who knows how to be a great writer. This is imperative to developing passive income.

Funnel People to Your Landing Page

Once you’ve got the knack for creating good content you’ll be able to funnel traffic to your landing pages to get them to convert at different levels. This has everything to do with “Funnel Conversion” tactics. You’ll need to take people who are at the top of the funnel (not ready to make a decision) to the bottom of the funnel (converting). This of course means you’ll need to track your conversions with a robust analytics system (Google Analytics). You can use tools like Hubspot as well for setting up the entire sequence above. It’s more of an all-in-one solution for passive income generators.

I hope you’ve been able to benefit from my post on developing your marketing automation be sure to check out my other posts for more tips to creating a passive income stream.

How to Generate a Passive Income Online

This is my blog on how to generate a passive income online. I’m looking forward to helping you learn more about all the different ways to actually create revenue for yourself from home. I want to cover 2 main ways that you can start creating on income for yourself today.

1. Affiliate Marketing

How to Generate a Passive Income OnlineThis is when you get paid for driving leads to someone another business. Not all businesses have an affiliate program and some only provide programs to a special niche group. The basic concept is that a company already pays a certain amount of money to acquire leads through their own marketing. To incentivize and build their own sales force they will pay people to drive leads and conversions to their own sites.

There’s many different types of affiliate marketing. Some areas yield high payouts but have very low competition. These would be considered niche affiliate markets but generally have a very low “click volume” of traffic to go after. Another type of affiliate marketing would be low payouts and very high competition. These are generally high “click volume” categories that when “cracked” can yield high returns on investment.

The trick is to find a high volume category with low competition and a higher payout. These are the “gem offers” that all affiliates constantly try to find and market. Of course, often these offers get spammed with more affiliates and overtime the opportunity to market the offer either becomes too competitive or vanishes altogether.

2. Blogging

Blogging is a more popular way to generate income online. Blogging can take advantage of affiliate offers but it can also sell products in an eCommerce style of generating passive income online. Most people think of bloggers when they think of someone who is generating money online. Here’s a few ideas for getting started with a new blog:

1. Use good hosting: I would suggest going with a good host like hostgator to ensure that your using a trusted and secure provider for your money making website

2. Use WordPress: This is hands down the best CMS in the world. This blog is powered by WordPress. Hostgator allows you to setup a 1 click install of WordPress. It’s really simple and you don’t have to know any code whatsoever.

3. Pick a niche you love to talk about and start training or selling products in that niche: Don’t just pick anything. You have to love what you do or else you’ll get tired of it and quit.

How to Make Residual Money With Online Business